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wp_nav_menu() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Default 'menu- {menu slug}-container'. 'container_id'. (string) The ID that is applied to the container. 'container_aria_label'. (string) The aria-label attribute that is applied to the container when it's a nav element. 'fallback_cb'. (callablebool) If the menu doesn't exist, a callback function will fire. Default is 'wp_page_menu'.

add_menu_page() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # This function takes a capability which will be used to determine whether or not a page is included in the menu. The function which is hooked in to handle the output of the page must check that the user has the required capability as well.

Theme Functions Theme Developer Handbook WordPress ...

    The functions.php file is where you add unique features to your WordPress theme. It can be used to hook into the core functions of WordPress to make your …

Function Reference « WordPress Codex

    2 Official and Unofficial References. The files of WordPress define many useful PHP functions. Some of the functions, known as Template Tags, are defined especially for use in WordPress Themes. There are also some functions related to actions and filters (the Plugin API ), which are therefore used primarily for developing Plugins.

register_nav_menus() Function WordPress Developer ...

    See register_nav_menu () for creating a single menu, and Navigation Menus for adding theme support. This function automatically registers custom menu support for the theme, therefore you do not need to call add_theme_support ( 'menus' ); Use wp_nav_menu () to display your custom menu. On the Menus admin page, there is a Show advanced menu properties to allow “Link Target” “CSS Classes” “Link …

What Are Menus and How to Use Them in WordPress - GreenGeeks

    Most menus are used as a method for building navigation within a WordPress site. Usually, a default menu will accompany your installation of the popular content management system. This default may provide links to top-level pages you create along the top of the site.

Navigation Menus « WordPress Codex

    First, in your theme's functions.php, you need to write a function to register the names of your menus. (This is how they will appear in the Appearance -> Menus admin screen.) As an example, this menu would appear in the "Theme Locations" box as "Header Menu". function register_my_menu () { register_nav_menu ('header-menu',__ ( 'Header Menu' )); } add_action ( 'init', 'register_my_menu' );

has_nav_menu() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Determines whether a registered nav menu location has a menu assigned to it.

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