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wp_insert_link() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Update a link. wp_insert_link() will update a link – instead of inserting it – if you provide the link’s ID. <?php $linkdata = array( 'link_id' => 7, 'link_name' => 'WordPress Code Reference', 'link_url' => 'https://developer.wordpress.org/reference' ); $link_id …

Function Reference « WordPress Codex

    The files of WordPress define many useful PHP functions. Some of the functions, known as Template Tags, are defined especially for use in WordPress Themes. There are also some functions related to actions and filters (the Plugin API), which are therefore used primarily for developing Plugins.

paginate_links() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    // first create a function function pagainate_link_function(){ global $wp_query; echo paginate_links(array( 'current'=>max(1,get_query_var('paged')), 'total'=>$wp_query->max_num_pages, 'type'=>'list', //default it will return anchor )); } …

get_page_link() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Retrieves the permalink for the current page or page ID.

comment_link() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Display the link to the comments. function comment_link( $comment = null ) { /** * Filters the current comment's permalink.

next_posts_link() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    This function prints a link to the next set of posts within the current query. If you need the values for use in PHP, use get_next_posts_link() . Because post queries are usually sorted in reverse chronological order, next_posts_link() usually points to older entries (toward the end of the set) and previous_posts_link() usually points to newer entries (toward the beginning of the set).

Beginner's Guide on How to Add a Link in WordPress

    May 19, 2020 · Type a word or two from your content title, and WordPress will find it: Click on the title of the page or post you want to link to, and the URL will be automatically added for you. Again, you’ll need to click the Apply button to put the link into your post. If you want to set your link to open in a new tab, then click the arrow on the right.

How to Create Anchor Links in WordPress (4 Easy Methods)

    Jul 15, 2020 · The first way to create anchor links in WordPress is to simply do it manually with HTML in each of your posts. Let’s create one so you can see how they work. Step 1 Create the text for your link and add a hyperlink on it like you would normally for any other link.

How to Add the WordPress Logout Link to Navigation Menu

    Dec 02, 2020 · The logout link for your WordPress site looks like this: http://example.com/wp-login.php?action=logout. Don’t forget to replace example.com with your own domain name. You can access this link directly in your browser window to log out of your WordPress site. When you visit the WordPress logout link, it will take you to a warning page. You will need to click on the logout link to …

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