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WP_Image_Editor_GD::rotate() Method WordPress ...

    Rotates current image counter-clockwise by $angle.

How to Crop, Rotate, and Flip Images with the WordPress ...

    The aspect ratio tool within the WordPress Image Editor is useful in quickly adjusting your image to optimize your use of whitespace, and helps calculate a natural feel for text-wrapping interactions of the image, as well as other spatial concepts of this kind.

WP_Image_Editor_GD Class WordPress Developer Resources

    WordPress Image Editor Class for Image Manipulation through GD

wp_image_editor() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    (boolobject) (Optional) Message to display for image editor updates or errors.

php - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

    GD uses the function imagerotate. According to this answer on stackoverflow the function isn't included on some OS'es because of a memory leak. This problem is also mentioned as comment in the WordPress code: On some setups GD library does not provide imagerotate () - …

#11536 (Rotate image buttons don't show ... - WordPress Trac

    Description ¶ The two new 'rotate image' buttons in 2.9 depend on the imagerotate () function from the PHP GD library to work. Unfortunately, that function is only available with a pre-compiled version of the GD library, which my host (and i suspect many others) don't have because it's apparently not a popular way to use the GD library.

image uploading - php imagerotate() function - Stack Overflow

    My site can upload photos, the process works well on a computer. If I upload a picture through mobile is rotating. I saw it was a known problem and has a solution. I try one of the solutions and I ...

Rotate Image using Jquery & PHP Help on PHP

    Jun 27, 2015 · Many Library available for rotating the image object. But, here we are rotating the image object using Jquery, Ajax and PHP. Here using PHP GD library for rotating the image object. There are many options to rotate the image object. But, here we using simple method. Note: In this example We used jpeg format Image.…

WordPress/class-wp-image-editor-gd.php at master ...

    WordPress / wp-includes / class-wp-image-editor-gd.php / Jump to Code definitions WP_Image_Editor_GD Class __destruct Function test Function supports_mime_type Function load Function update_size Function resize Function _resize Function multi_resize Function make_subsize Function crop Function rotate Function flip Function save Function _save ...

WordPress/image-edit.php at master · WordPress/WordPress ...

    wp_image_editor Function wp_stream_image Function wp_save_image_file Function _image_get_preview_ratio Function _rotate_image_resource Function _flip_image_resource Function _crop_image_resource Function image_edit_apply_changes Function stream_preview_image Function wp_restore_image Function wp_save_image Function

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