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friendica – A Decentralized Social Network

    Run your personal Friendica node on shared hosts. Friendica runs on PHP with MySQL as a database. If you can run WordPress, you can run Friendica. More

customization - Friendica integration using wordpress ...

    Work out how this authenticates a wordpress user. Examine an existing friendica authentication plugin, such as the LDAP one that comes with the CMS, and update this to use the wordpress authentication method calculated in step 1. (If no-one beats me to a more complete answer, I will add more detail as I work through this.

Use it – friendica

    Use it To use friendica you can either host your own installation or you can create an account on another server. After you done so, have a look at the first steps so that you will find nice people to share with. Friendica is mainly a web application that you use in your browser.

User Manual – Friendica Mobile for Windows Phone

    1) Friendica group: you can use the groups defined on your server for granting access to new posts. In that case you need the ID of the group on your Friendica server. You can find this ID in the browser’s address field when you select the group editor for the wished group (only the number without „/group/“).

[email protected] Demo site to show WordPress ...

    That’s where Friendica comes in. This isn’t the place to tell you everything about Friendica. So essentially, let’s put it this way: Friendica is a free, non-commercial and highly decentralised social networking platform. You run it on your own server (every bit as easy to install as WordPress) or join a small server maintained by a friend.

About – friendica

    Friendica was created by Mike Macgirvin who left the project to create Hubzilla which has a different focus than Friendica. Friendica is a communication hub that can not only talk to other Friendica servers but also natively to servers that are using the Diaspora protocol (Diaspora and Hubzilla) and the OStatus protocol that is used by GNU Social. Additionally you can use accounts of third party networks to read …

Screenshots – friendica

    Friendicas user interface is easily theme able using Smarty3 templates for layouts. It ships with a handful of themes, and many more are available at friendica-themes.com.

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