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wp_get_single_post() Function WordPress Developer ...

    This function has been deprecated. Use get_post () instead. wp_get_single_post (int $postid, string $mode = OBJECT) Retrieve a single post, based on post ID.

How to Fetch Posts in WordPress - WisdmLabs

    Dec 16, 2014 · The Loop is the main function used by WordPress to display posts. The details of the post to be displayed, will be maintained for every post within the loop. This is a very important function and should not be meddled with, without knowledge of the core operations. Okay basics done, coming back to our main topic; how to fetch posts in WordPress.

get_post() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    321 rows · Member Variable Variable Type Notes ID int The ID of the post post_author string …

Using the WP-API to Fetch Posts CSS-Tricks

    May 06, 2015 · The orderby argument needs to be rand, to fetch a random post The posts_per_page argument needs to be 1, to limit the results to a single post See a list of all available parameters on the WP_Query codex entry. We pass those arguments through the URL, using the filter query variable as an array, like so:

Build WordPress App with React Native #8: building Single ...

    Here, we will learn how to fetch a single article from the WordPress API. First, we need to add the SinglePost screen to our navigator in the App.js file. For that, we need to import the SinglePost screen and add it to the stack navigator as shown in the code snippet below:

Get the Title for the Posts Page in WordPress - WP Scholar

    If you try to use this function for the page title outside the loop, all you get is the title of the first post on the page. So how do we fetch the page title for our posts page? There are two ways to do it. First is the easy way: single_post_title();

get_posts() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    get_posts (array $args = null) Retrieves an array of the latest posts, or posts matching the given criteria.

How to Create Custom Single Post Templates in WordPress

    Mar 28, 2020 · This code first checks to see if WordPress is requesting a single post. If it is, then it tells WordPress to look for the template in /single/ folder of your WordPress theme. Now you need to add template files defined by this code.

How to display single post from custom post type loop ...

    Sorry for silly question, I'm newbie in Wordpress and PHP. I created a custom post type using this tutorial. The category page is working normally, but the single is displaying all posts from category. I need to display only current post on single.php template. How can I do this? Here is the code of my single.php file in movie reviews plugin.

get_post_meta() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    get_post_meta (int $post_id, string $key = '', bool $single = false) Retrieves a post meta field for the given post ID.

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