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How to Link to an Email Address in WordPress

    Jan 17, 2017 · Here is how you will add it in a WordPress post. Select the text you want to add the link to and then press CTRL+K (Command+K on Mac) or click on the ‘Insert Link’ button in the post editor. This will bring up the insert link popup where you need to add your mailto link. Click on the apply button to close the insert link popup.

How to Link an Email Address in WordPress

    Jan 26, 2014 · <a href="mailto:[email protected]">My Link Text</a> Of course, if you wanted to show the email address itself (but still link to it), the HTML would look like this … <a href="mailto:[email protected]"> [email protected] </a> You could even use the link function in the WordPress editor to help you build your links. A normal link is created with http:// …Reviews: 9

How to Make an Email Address Clickable in WordPress ...

    Jul 11, 2019 · First, type a plain email address into a post or page. Then highlight the email address text and click the link icon in the editor. Alternatively, press cmd+k (ctrl+k) to use the link shortcut. WordPress will recognize the email address and automatically insert the correct Mailto link for you.Reviews: 4

Contact Links – Support - WordPress.com: Create a Free ...

    Creating Email Links. To create an email link, you can type your email address as normal text, then add a link to that text to mailto:[email protected] (replace [email protected] with your email address.) If you are not sure how to add a link to text, please see our guide. Another method of doing this is with the following HTML:

How to Add a Link to an Email Address in WordPress ...

    Inputting a WordPress email link code is relatively simple. Although it’s not the preferred method of sending a message, adding the link takes very little effort. I’ll go into why you should refrain from email links on posts and pages in a moment.

How to create email links in Wordpress - WPmadesimple.org

    Follow the email link URL immediately with:?subject=Website%20Enquiry and the new email will be given a subject as specified (use %20 where you would normally use a space). HTML email links do not permit email links which send to multiple recipients (email addresses). However, most contact forms will allow multiple recipients.

HTML Email Links - How to add subject and body text

    The basic code. The basic code to create an email link in HTML looks like this: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">Your visible link text</a> The visible link text is sandwiched between two pieces of code that first open then close an anchor (link) element. The hypertext reference (href) always starts with mailto: Let break this down… 1.

How to Add Clickable Email Address to WordPress Posts and ...

    May 06, 2017 · You can add a link to your email address using the simple tricks. Use The Link Button From The WordPress Post Editor You add links to your blog posts or any external website. As you know, there is a button in the WordPress post editor using which, you can link any text to other resources.

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