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body_class() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    body_class (stringstring [] $class = '') Displays the class names for the body element.

body_class Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    Add New Classes You can add additional body classes by filtering the {@see ‘body_class’} hook. To add the following to the WordPress Theme functions.php file, changing my_class_names and class-name to meet your needs: 1

WordPress Body Class 101: Tips and Tricks for Theme Designers

    Oct 10, 2012 · Body Class (body_class) is a WordPress function that gives the body element different classes, so theme authors can style their sites effectively with CSS. HTML body tag is present in mostly your header.php file which loads on every page. When coding a theme, you can attach the body_class function to your body element like so: 1

get_body_class() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    41 rows · get_body_class (stringstring [] $class = '') Retrieves an array of the class names for the …

Adding to the Body Class in WordPress

    Jan 01, 2021 · The body class in WordPress is a class or series of classes that are applied to the HTML body element. This is useful for applying unique styles to different areas of a WordPress site as body classes can be added conditionally. WordPress contains a number of default body classes which are covered in this article.

How to Add Custom Body Classes in WordPress WP Munk

    Aug 01, 2017 · The “ body_class () ” in WordPress adds classes to the body tag of all the pages in your WordPress site. By default a WordPress theme should use the function “body_class ()” in their theme files so that WordPress can automatically output correct classes to each page/post and archive.

Add WordPress Custom Body class (2021) - GeoDirectory

    Sep 23, 2020 · WordPress has both a body_class function and a body_class filter (hook). The body_class function is used in themes to add the classes autogenerated by WordPress, to the body tag of your website. This is how it is added to the header.php file of your theme: <body <?php body_class …Reviews: 6

admin_body_class Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    apply_filters ('admin_body_class', string $classes) Filters the CSS classes for the body tag in the admin.

Wordpress: <body class="customize-support"> - Stack Overflow

    This class is added by wp-includes/admin-bar.php (provided the user has permission to customise) with the action: add_action ('wp_before_admin_bar_render', 'wp_customize_support_script'); This function adds the JavaScript which leads to the CSS class being added to the body.

wp_body_open() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    WordPress theme developers should use `wp_head()`, `wp_body_open()` and `wp_footer()` functions in their themes (read this for more information). The new WordPress theme structure:

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