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WordPress root directory change + Theme directory change ...

    register_theme_directory(ABSPATH. '../themes'); This makes the themes inside this themes folder show up in the themes selection section on the dashboard. I can select it and the theme is enabled, and it partially works (templates are correctly loaded). However, images don't load because WordPress tries to retrieve a wrong path:

How to Manually Switch a WordPress Theme via FTP WP-Tweaks

    Now it’s time to change your WordPress theme. If your FTP client has opened in your WordPress folder, navigate to the following location: /wp-content/themes/. This will show you a list of all themes currently installed on WordPress – each has its own folder.

get_template_directory_uri() Function WordPress ...

    361. 362. 363. 364. function get_template_directory_uri () {. $template = str_replace( '%2F', '/', rawurlencode ( get_template () ) ); $theme_root_uri = get_theme_root_uri ( $template ); $template_dir_uri = "$theme_root_uri/$template"; return apply_filters ( 'template_directory_uri', $template_dir_uri, $template, $theme_root_uri );

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