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How to Add Additional File Types to be Uploaded in WordPress

    Jan 13, 2016 · WordPress codex has a full list of allowed file types and extensions. Adding Exceptions for Additional File Types. Security is the main reason behind the limitation on file types that users can upload. However, this does not mean that users cannot change this. Using a tiny bit of code, you can add a new file type and extension to the WordPress.

How to Allow Additional File Upload Types in WordPress

    Sep 14, 2020 · Once you’ve installed the File Upload Types plugin, in your WordPress admin area go to Settings » File Upload Types. On this page you can select the extra file types you’d like users to upload. Adding Custom Types. If you’d like to include a file format that is not found in the preset list, you can include your own.

Adding & Removing Allowed FileTypes To Wordpress Media ...

    Jul 02, 2010 · If you’d like to add or remove a specific filetype that can be uploaded to wordpress via the media library, you can insert this PHP code in your theme functions.php file: function my_myme_types($mime_types){ //Adjust the $mime_types, which is an associative array where the key is extension and value is mime type.

WordPress: modify the upload list of allowed file types ...

    While there’s no admin-based tool for editing list of allowed file types, it’s not at all difficult to add your own or remove any existing. Upload filetypes are checked by the function wp_check_filetype in wp-includes/functions.php. But we will add new file types to the file functions.php in our template due to upgrade WordPress.

Learn How to Add & Remove File Types in the WordPress ...

    Nov 10, 2017 · Allowed file types for WordPress Multisite are a little different. Once you create Network, you can change the permitted file types from the Network Settings screen. This will globally allow or disallow certain files from being added to the WordPress Media Library. Each file type should be separated by a space.

How to Upload Additional File Types in WordPress

    Sep 29, 2016 · my_mime_types has one single parameter ($mime_types)—the list of allowed file types. If you want to allow SVG and JSON files in the media library, just add lines 4 and 5, respectively. This is how it works: to add a new file type, you just have to create a new entry in the $mime_types list with the file extension and mime type.

WordPress Allow All File Types - VIONBLOG

    Oct 02, 2013 · Allow All File Types. There are two ways to override this. The easy way is adding the following line into your wp-config.php. define('ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS', true); Allow Specific File Types. The other way is to add custom WordPress hook in your themes functions.php file

How to allow additional file type uploads in WordPress ...

    Jan 07, 2015 · With the same principle we can also disallow certain file types to be uploaded. For example, GIF files are allowed by default, but we can remove them if we wish: function disallow_personal_uploads ( $existing_mimes=array() ) { // remove GIF files unset ($existing_mimes['gif']); // return amended array return $existing_mimes; } // call our function …

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