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with apologies to George Orwell…

    with apologies to George Orwell... A leak of a list of findings by the Senate Intelligence Committee HERE indicates that the CIA lied, denied its use of brutality during interrogations, misled the press, the public and the government, and spied on the the Committee’s members who were assessing the program itself , in addition to brutalizing many more detainees than it has admitted to.

Americans will serve (H.R.1388) – now before the Senate

    Mar 21, 2009 · The following is an excerpt of what we have written on our site: Sen. Edward Kennedy [D-MA] introduced a new bill, S.277 – The Serve America Act – A Bill to Boost to Nonprofits and Their Volunteers, on January 16, 2009 to amend the National and Community Service Act of 1990.

UPDATE-HR1388,soon to be known as S277,SENATE proceeds ...

    NewsSpeak Blog,www.catsden.wordpress.com ^ March 21, 2009 catsden Posted on 03/23/2009 3:13:22 AM PDT by joygrace..(snip)…Does this not raise suspicion? While we hear of the “outrage” of the people who brought us the bonus scandal, the same people are rushing to pass the GIVE Act (you give, they take): national service.

H.R. 1388 passed by the Senate - 26 March 2009 — Serve America

    Mar 26, 2009 · Skip to comments. H.R. 1388 passed by the Senate - 26 March 2009 — Serve America www.catsden.wordpress.com ^ March 26, 2009 Catsden Posted on 03/26/2009 6:53:11 PM PDT by joygrace. Interestingly enough an important amendment brought to the floor today was not in the H.R. 1388 when it passed the Senate today.

Daily PUMA: Pelosi Plan to Impeach Trump will Demoralize ...

    Jan 02, 2021 · Alessandro Machi said.... The Debt Neutrality Petition has been an idea of mine going back 10 years or longer, I have lost count. It is a compromise idea in which interest is no longer charged so that all payments made on a debt go completely towards paying down the principle.

The EU and US on Bank Bonuses Worden's Blog

    Oct 16, 2009 · As the blog has been moved, pls use the following link to view the post:

Blogger - sweet hope

    Smelling the old man's BO next to me as I've just started my work out. E! Channel is on, hate their shows. I really don't want to be watching a former playboy seducing some guy.

FEC Obama campaign contributions

    January 23, 2009 . Office of the General Counsel. Federal Election Commission 999 E. Street, NW. Washington, D.C. 20463 Complaint of Over Limit Contributions and Request for Audit – Obama for America (C00431445) and Obama Victory Fund (C00451393)

Nancy Pelosi and the other California Representatives must ...

    Nancy Pelosi has had it good for the longest time ever - and the time has come for her to pack up and go. So, should the senior, Senator Diane Feinstein who has survived all this time - like a Black Cat with nine lives. The recent upset by Republican Scott Brown who upset everyone and won the seat held by Senator Ted Kennedy for over 49 years - is the sign of the times.

Daily PUMA: 2020

    The 40% landline users could be being undersampled by pollsters, here's why. The cable companies that control a significant percentage of the landline customers in the U.S. have developed possibly "over efficient" spam detectors that weed out spam calls either before the phone rings, or after one ring.

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