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single_cat_title() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Example: If you want to remove “Category:” in title from category pages just copy and paste in function.php. function wporg_remove_category_title( $title ) { if ( is_category() ) { $title = single_cat_title( '', false ); } return $title; } add_filter( 'remove_the_archive_title', 'wporg_remove_category_title' );

get_the_category_by_ID() Function WordPress Developer ...

    Retrieves category name based on category ID.

How to get the category title in a post in Wordpress ...

    Use get_the_category () like this: <?php foreach ( (get_the_category ()) as $category) { echo $category->cat_name . ' '; } ?>. It returns a list because a post can have more than one category. The documentation also explains how to do this from outside the loop.

php - Display current category title on category page ...

    2 Answers2. On a category page, you can use the function single_cat_title (), or the more generic single_term_title (). These functions pull from the global $wp_query object, via get_queried_object (). You can use single_cat_title ('' , true ) this function and add those parameters to removed the prefix.

How to set your Wordpress Page Title - SEOptimer

    Whether creating a page or a post, the WordPress title input is provided in the editor so that WordPress can effectively generate the title. Your theme should then declare its title as <title>. However, you may want to introduce a title separator (e.g. :, , -, or >>) or a sitename after the actual title like in the example below:

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