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How to Create custom Template for specific category in ...

    Aug 16, 2019 · WordPress looks for either one of the following templates. category-slug.php; category-ID.php; category.php; archive.php; index.php; For example: On your site you have a category “WordPress hosting” with slug “wphosting” and id = “12”. To display this page wordpress look for template category-wphosting.php.

How to Create a Custom Category Template in Wordpress with ...

    Oct 24, 2019 · How to customize the category template. If you create a custom category template from a template instead of from scratch, everything is determined by the template creator, the Elementor team in this case. If there are some parts you want to change or remove, you can do so. Each template consists of several sections, which you can find via the Navigator.

How to Create a Custom Category Page in WordPress without ...

    Dec 25, 2020 · If you want to apply it to a specific category, select your preferred category from the Specific Category Pages option (you can select multiple categories). Click the Create Template button. Click the Add Custom Body on the template block you have just created and select Build Custom Body .

How to Create a Template for Each Post Category in ...

    A template that has the filename category.php is a catch-all for the display of categories. Add a dash and the category slug to the end of the filename to specify a template for an individual category. If you don’t have a category.php or category- slug.php file, the category display gets defined from the Main Index template (index.php).

Custom single template for a specific category

    What is the best way (performance & code structure) to create a custom template for a WordPress Post, which belong to a specific category? I realized that you can’t just create single-catname.php.. So far i tried two ways to change the template.

How to Create Custom Single Post Templates in WordPress

    Mar 28, 2020 · WordPress will automatically show the template for ‘News’ because it appears first in alphabetical order. On the other hand, if you filed a post in a category and didn’t create a template for that category, then WordPress will fallback to the default single.php template of your theme. Create Custom Single Post Template for Specific Authors

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