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New Categories not showing WordPress.org

    I tried another new category called “Bags” and put an item in it to test it again but it’s not appearing as a category in the shop either. I’ve since tried adding a new T-shirt but it is also just showing as a product and does appear to have been added to the “T-shirt” category when looking at the Shop page but when you click the ...

Why WordPress Categories Are Not Showing - WPArena

    Nov 09, 2008 · This is a common question that some new WordPress bloggers have and the explanation is quite simple. Categories will not show on the front side of the blog until you make a post within that category. So you see it’s very simple, don’t think there is something wrong with your WordPress blog when this happens, it’s by design.

Subcategories not displaying WordPress.org

    For product category page, it always shows only products and ignores subcategories. Tested with both Storefront and Storefront child themes. One can workaround by setting the display option at the category level, but this is painful if you have a lot of categories.

Categories not showing in conditional tab WordPress.org

    I have taxonomy categories as checkbox in a form. I create a condition “show” and when I choose the field category and select “is” the drop down shows absolutely nothing. If I choose “starts with” also no text box to fill. I can’t create conditions based on categories. Please help

How to Show Empty Categories in WordPress Widgets

    Jul 02, 2014 · By default the WordPress category widget does not show empty categories. Recently a new user asked us if it was possible to display empty categories in WordPress widget to help with his local development. In this article, we will show you how to display empty categories in WordPress widgets.

WooCommerce Product Categories are not showing in Menu ...

    May 23, 2016 · Here is the simple fix when the "Product Categories" option is not showing under "Menus" in WordPress. ... Here is the simple fix when the "Product Categories" option is not showing under "Menus ...Author: Ubie Pay Monthly Websites

woocommerce offtopic - Product categories don't appear as ...

    On the Menus page, click the Screen Options tab at top right. Then tick the boxes for products and product categories. That will make them available to be added to your menus.

categories - Posts are not showing up on particular ...

    but on wordpress dashboard, I am able to see the actual number of post under that category. It is not getting displayed on website only. Also, when I am logged in to the wordpress dashboard and visit that category page,

Wordpress posts are not showing in categories but showed ...

    Imported data was exported from a wordpress multisite and it has 2,354 posts. All the posts are now showing on main page but when I go to any category it shows an empty page. Even though that category has posts. The method I discover of showing those posts is to manually hit update button in the dashboard and it shows on that category page.

categories - Category page not showing - WordPress ...

    I installed wordpress 4.7.3. After that I created one "Test" category. After that I created one post and assigned to that "Test" category. Then I go to front end, in the right menu and clicked on "

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