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get_cat_ID() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function get_cat_ID( $cat_name ) { // phpcs:ignore WordPress.NamingConventions.ValidFunctionName.FunctionNameInvalid $cat = get_term_by( 'name', $cat_name, 'category' ); if ( $cat …

How To Find the ID of a Category in WordPress WP White ...

    May 28, 2019 · Procedure to find WordPress Category ID. Login to your WordPress dashboard (http://[yoursite]/wp-admin). Navigate to the Posts > Categories node from the WordPress Dashboard left hand side menu. Move the mouse over the name of the WordPress Category you would like to know the ID of (without clicking) and notice the URL that shows up at the bottom left corner of the browser, which is highlighted in the below screenshot. The format of WordPress Category ID …

the_category_ID() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Returns or prints a category ID.

How To Find Category ID in WordPress - Void Coders

    Do you know that you can find a Category ID in seconds? Today I’m going to show you how to find out WP Category ID in a few seconds. Simplest way 1. Step 1-Login to your WordPress dashboard (www.yoursite/wp-admin). Step 2-Navigate to: Posts > Categories. Move the mouse over the name of the WordPress Category you would like to know the ID of (without clicking). …

How to find the category ID in your WordPress dashboard

    If your website is running with one of our WordPress themes, you usually can make use of the category ID to filter posts in widgets like MH Custom Posts, MH Slider or else. After you've located the particular category IDs, just enter one or more WordPress category ID (s) into the provided field and save your settings.

get_cat_name() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    function get_cat_name( $cat_id ) { $cat_id = (int) $cat_id; $category = get_term( $cat_id, 'category' ); if ( ! $category is_wp_error( $category ) ) { return ''; } return $category->name; } …

How To Change Category ID ? WordPress.org

    catacaustic. (@catacaustic) 1 year, 4 months ago. If it’s the numeric value (like 4, 56, etc) then that’s the database ID. The slug is the “human-readable” part that’s used in the URL’s. To be honest, the easy thing to do is go back and set up the new ID’s in Gravity Forms or any other systems that you’re using.

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