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Adding Meta Fields To Users Profile In WordPress: Simple Guide

    Mar 23, 2018 · It includes two stages, first we need to output the custom fields, and then save their values to the database. In order to add our own fields, we'd be using edit_user_profile and show_user_profile hooks, which are called right …

How to Create and Use WordPress User Metadata (User Meta)

    Aug 06, 2019 · How to add custom user meta fields in WordPress, How to get user meta data in your WordPress PHP code, How to delete and update user meta, and; Our suggestions for easily building user metaboxes that are editable by other users. What WordPress User Meta Is. WordPress user meta is “custom fields for your users.”

Add custom user meta data - WordPress Development Stack ...

    Adding custom field to all existing users. You will have to get the list of users and then, in a loop, set a custom field for each of them. $users = get_users ( [ 'fields' => 'id', 'meta_key' => 'YOUR_META_KEY', 'meta_compare' => 'NOT EXISTS' ] ); if ( is_array ($users) && count ($users) ) { $meta_value = false; foreach ( $users as $user_id ) { add_user_meta ( $user_id, …

Add Custom User Meta During Registration in WordPress ...

    Aug 29, 2012 · Add Custom User Meta During Registration Assuming that all of the fields are valid (such as in the image above), you can begin programmatically creating the user. Given that the input is stored in an array called $input, you can use the wp_insert_user function. Note that this function returns the ID of the user once it has been created:

add_user_meta() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    $user_id (int) (Required) User ID. $meta_key (string) (Required) Metadata name. $meta_value (mixed) (Required) Metadata value. Must be serializable if non-scalar. $unique …

Adding custom user meta to search field on Users page in ...

    User meta is in a different table. Use the ‘pre_get_users’ action and set appropriate meta_key, meta_value, meta_compare arguments. Be sure to only apply your criteria for your user search or you will corrupt other user query operations.

Save custom user meta on registration - WordPress ...

    function addMyCustomMeta($user_id,$meta) { update_user_meta($user_id,$meta); } add_action('user_register','addMyCustomMeta',10,2,); And then using like this: $user_id = wp_insert_user($fields); do_action('addMyCustomMeta',$user_id,$metas['user_phone']);

Custom User Meta Fields : Wordpress

    I'm in doubt as to wether to use Advanced Custom Fields or Crocoblock's JetEngine for adding custom meta fields to users who register on a website. The idea behind this is that besides Wordpress's common user types like Admin, Editor, etc... we'll also have "Service Providers", who would have some extra information they would need to register.

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