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About Mr. Bourbois

    Hello, my name is Abel Bourbois. In 2013-2014, I will be starting my 11th year teaching mathematics at Alhambra High School. I am starting my 10th year of teaching AP Calculus. This will be my second year teaching the Frosh Leadership class and working with student government (ASB). I am adviser for the Class of…

Mr. Bourbois Alhambra HS Mathematics

    PRECALCULUS THEORY Sequences RVW This might help you “visualize” a sequence (and later partial sums) Press MODE and for Graph -> 4: SEQUENCE Go to the Y= Editor, which now looks very weird Use the first equation of each pair for your sequence, e.g. …


    Mr.$Abel$Bourbois$! AlhambraHighSchool(! AlgebraI,!Leadership,!APCalculus!BC!!!! Internet:!!e7Mail:[email protected]! http://bourbois.wordpress.com ...

Chapter 8 Review - WordPress.com

    Chapter 8 Review Evaluate the integral: 1. ∫ln(x2+4)dx 2. ∫cos(lnx)dx 3. ∫sin4xcos5xdx 4. ∫cosxsinxdx 5. ∫tan34xdx 6. 6 3 0 secxtand π. Title: Chapter 8 Review Author: Abel Bourbois Created Date: 1/6/2011 5:58:04 AM

AP Calculus BC - WordPress.com

    AP Calculus BC 2011-2012 Instructor Mr. A. Bourbois Phone: (626) 607-4178 (AHS) Email: [email protected] Conference: Period 2, 9-9:30am (D-103) Website: bourbois.wordpress.com (grades, homework, announcements, college info) Course Description Calculus is a powerful tool for modeling real-world problems in physics, engineering, forensics, …

Calculus BC - Mr. Bourbois

    Calculus BC RVW + Chapter 1&2 Test Study Guide Revised on 9/6/10 3:41 PM Homework Packet [16 pts, 4pts each] This should contain stamped homework for Sections 2.1, 2.2/2.3, 2.5, 2.6. Make sure your homework

Volumes of Solids in 3D - Mr. Bourbois

    AP Calculus BC – Mr. Bourbois Due Monday January 23, 2012 You will spend considerable time and effort building planning your project. Those efforts will culminate with your final product. Of course, I expect great projects from everyone, but at the end of the day I have to assign each project a grade. Here is a rubric

Related Rates Notes HO - Mr. Bourbois

    AP Calculus BC (Bourbois) Sec 3.7 - Related Rates Calculus in Motion 1. Suppose x and y are both differentiable functions of t and are related by the equation y=x2+3. Find dy dt when x =1, given that dx dt =2when x =1. Given: Later: Want: 2. A pebble is dropped into a calm pond, causing ripples in the form of concentric circles.

Calculus BC - bourbois.files.wordpress.com

    Calculus BC Chapter 3 Test Study Guide DRAFT 9/20/10 7:15 PM Homework Packet [32 pts] This should contain stamped homework for Sections 3.1-3.8 (4pts each). Make sure your homework assignments are in order.


    We will learn about Ancient Rome. We will learn about the founding of Rome, read about the rise of the Roman Republic, and trace the Roman Empire from the beginning to the fall.

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